Top 5 places to visit in Africa

There are countless of adventures and places to visit on the exciting continent of Africa. The list suggests the top 5 places to visit, to aid you while planning which countries to visit and sites to see. As the second-largest continent of the world, Africa is full of natural wonders, ancient history and rich wildlife.


  1. Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls on the Zambezi river, consists of the world´s largest sheet of falling water. The waterfall forms the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Columns of spray can be seen miles away, and is also known as “the smoke that thunders”.


Directly at the edge of Victoria Falls, adventures visitors may bathe in a natural infinity pool; the Devil´s Pool. If you dare to glimpse over the edge, you get a breathtaking view down a 100 m. drop.


  1. Lalibela, Ethiopia

Lalibela is both a World Heritage site and a world wonder, and the ancient village seems frozen in time. The city is famous for its rock-hewn stone churches. The churches are carved into rock, below ground level. UNESCO built protective roofing to preserve this awe-inspiring site. A series of trenches and tunnels connect the churches, and guided tours are available to aid your exploring.


The town itself is also worth-while your time. Wander among the car-free, pebbled streets, and find a restaurant to enjoy some good food. If you visit during one of the religious festivals, you may witness hundreds of pilgrims on their way to the churches.


  1. Safari and wildlife of the Masai Mara, Kenya

The Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya is renowned for its savannahs and exciting wildlife. The rich ecosystem hosts millions of herbivores. Elephants, giraffes and zebras roam the plains, and attracts predators such as lions, cheetahs and leopards.


No wonder that a safari tour in this national reserve is one of the top rated attractions in Africa. There are a wide range of tours to choose from, it is worth taking some time choosing your guide.


  1. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

The awe-inspiring pyramids of Egypt have struck wonder into the hearts of men and women for nearly 4000 years. These massive tombs were constructed by the orders of the pharaohs, and it is nearly impossible to comprehend the manpower it took to build them.


Ongoing excavations have found evidence of a settlement, complete with farming, medical facilities and farming. This suggests that it was built by workers, not slaves, as previously assumed. Still, these spectacular pyramids are so precisely built and carved, that they cannot fail to impress. No wonder this is one of the top places to visit in Africa.


  1. Zanzibar, Tanzania

The islands of Zanzibar are a part of Tanzania, and Zanzibar town is a must-visit place for visitors to this region. It is a pleasure to wonder the cobbled alleyways of this stone town, and there is always something new to discover. The town is rich in cultural life, and is a living fusion of Arabic, Indian and oriental influences.


From fascinating architecture to lively markets, from archeological ruins to stunning cathedrals; in Zanzibar you can explore it all. For a relaxing break after wandering around town, Zanzibar has an inviting beach with crystal-clear waters to dip into and enjoy.

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