Top 5 places to visit in Australia

There is much to see and explore while visiting this vast and exciting continent. To ensure you do not miss out on must-visit attractions, here you have the top 5 places to visit in Australia.


  1. The Great Barrier Reef


The Great Barrier Reef is World Heritage-listed, and the stunning landscape and eco system stretches across 2300 km coastline. More than 1,5 million visitors come each year to experience the breathtaking beauty of the world´s largest coral reef system.


The Great Barrier Reef consists of 2900 reefs to explore by diving or snorkeling, though the gateway towns and 900 islands are waiting to be discovered and can be quite the adventure. From crocodile farms to climbing peaks, the sights in Great Barrier Reef make this one of the top 5 places to visit in Australia.


  1. Sidney: Bondi Beach and the Opera House


One of the world´s greatest beaches, Bondi Beach, can be found in Sidney. The beach is close to the city center (8 km) and is popular for both swimmers and surfers. If the waves are too big, there are sea baths at either end, good for children to swim and play in.


The water temperature is an average of 21°C, and facilities such as lockers, showers, and cafes are readily available next to the beach.


The easily recognizable Sidney Opera House is World Heritage-listed. The spectacular architecture, perching on the water front, resembles the sails of a yacht setting out to sea. The white structure is a striking contrast to the surrounding blue water and sky.


Designed by Jørn Utzon, the opera house took more than 16 years to finish and was completed in 1976. Choose to experience the building either through a performance, or a guided tour. The tours are conducted in a variety of languages, so you may easily learn more about this fascinating building.


  1. Perth – Kings Park and Botanic Garden


The Kings Park and Botanic Garden in Perth is one of the top 5 places to visit in Australia. The 400-hectare park boasts over 2000 indigenous plant species. The Lotterywest Federation Walkway is a 620 m. long, and provides breathtaking beauty all year round.


The park is popular for joggers, walkers, family taking picnics and offers many playgrounds to let the children roam free.


  1. Melbourne – Queen Victoria Market


The Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne attracts thousands of shoppers, being the largest open air market south of the Equator. You are bound to find all you need and probably some more, with over 600 vendors to explore. Challenge your taste buds to an adventure by visiting the deli hall for fresh produce and cuisine from all over the world.


The Summer Night Market takes over every Wednesday night from mid-November to the end of February. This is a lively event, with music, dance and food stalls. There is also a winter marked on Wednesday nights in August.


  1. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park


There is much to explore and discover in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. The ancient World Heritage-listed landscape is striking, with the red rocks of Uluru and Kata Tju rising out of the desert.


The rocks and domes are millions of years old, and the park is owned by the aboriginal people, Anangu. They managed the area for thousands of years, and Uluru is known as a living, cultural landscape.

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