Top 5 places to visit in Chile

Chile is a country rich in history and culture, and filled with natural wonders and amazing sights. Read on for inspiration, and discover the top 5 places to visit in Chile.

  1. Parque Nacional Torres del Paine

Welcome to the striking national park of Torres del Paine. A top destination for visitors to Chile, the awe-inspiring nature cannot fail to impress. The granite pillars, the three Towers of Paine, are more than 200 meters high, and the landscape is stunningly beautiful with its lakes, trails, forests and a glacier.

The park is part of UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve system, and is home to many bird species such as the flamingo and Andean condor. The guanaco graze the open steppes, and have been effectively protected from poachers for more than a decade.

  1. Santiago

The energetic and vibrant capital of Chile, Santiago, is a must-visit place for travelers to this country. Santiago is a fusion of both history and cultural currents, and its vibrant atmosphere is sure to sway its visitors. There are stunning architecture to explore, hillside parks to enjoy and lively nightlife to rejoice in.

Should you need some inspiration for your stay in the city, a visit to Parque Metropolitano, also known as Cerro San Cristóbal, is highly recommended. Take a funicular up the city’s largest green space, to enjoy a breathtaking view over Santiago.

  1. Easter Island: Rano Rakuro

This mystical island is famous for its fascinating statues Moai, and is pretty much an open-air museum. Rapa Nui National Park is a World Heritage site, and its exotic beauty attracts visitors all year around.

Though there is much more than just history to explore on the island. The island has a beautiful, white-sanded beach to tempt visitors with, and water-sports such as surfing and diving is popular here. For adventures on land, why not discover the sights on foot or on horseback?

  1. Chiloé

The island Chiloé is rich in culture and mythology, and more than a hundred churches were raised in the 17th century. The religion is a unique fusion of aboriginal and Jesuit influences, and the particular style of the churches was named Chilota. 16 of the wooden churches are World Heritage sites.

Must-visit places in Chiloé are Achao’s 18th-century Jesuit church, Iglesia Santa María de Loreto, and Centro de Visitantes Inmaculada Concepción, a fabulous museum. The museum gives intriguing and valuable information about the wooden churches, and stopping here first is highly recommended.

  1. Lauca National Park

Far north in the Andean plane the Lauca National Park is sited. This beautiful park is one of the top places to visit in Chile, and with its awe-inspiring sights, it is easy to understand why. Lauca National Park is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, rich in wildlife and natural wonders. More than 130 bird species has med Lauca their home, and the park is famous for its wealth of flora and fauna.

The landscape is filled with towering volcanos, serene lakes and misty hot springs. The park’s major attraction is the stunning Lake Chuangará, one of the highest lakes in the world. The sparkling lake rests beneath the Payachata twin volcanoes, and the picture-perfect sight may be with you for life.

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