Top 5 places to visit in China

China is a vast and beautiful country with much to explore. To make your trip easier to plan and ensure you don’t miss out on anything, here are the top 5 places to visit in China.


  1. Beijing: The Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City


If you have not been to the Great Wall, you have not been to China. This is definitely one of the most popular attractions, and is well worth a visit. The Great Wall is so impressive, it is no wonder it is placed among “the New Seven Wonders of the World” and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China.


The wall runs for about 3100 miles across steep mountains and breath-taking, rugged territory, from the western frontier to the eastern coast. However, it is most popular to visit the wall close to Beijing, as this is the best preserved section.


During your stay in Beijing, you should visit the Forbidden City, the best-preserved imperial palace in China. Nominated as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, it is the largest palace complex in the world.


The Forbidden City was home to 24 emperors during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. A wide range of tours are offered to guide you through the 90 palaces and courtyards, spanning from a few hours to a whole day. If you are a true enthusiast, there are enough buildings to explore to keep you coming back for days.


  1. The Terracotta Army in Xi’an


One of the most famous archeological findings in the entire world is the Terracotta Army in Xi’an. The mighty army of 8000 warriors, horses and 130 chariots has stood guard by the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang for more than two millennia. It is believed he expected to rule in the afterlife as he had in life.


The site gives unique insight into the world of ancient China. The terracotta army, forged in battle formation, is a compelling sight even for tourists with no interest in archeology<. Did you know that for example, none of the warrior´s faces are the alike?


  1. Li River


Escape the concrete to a relaxing and beautiful cruise among the Li River from Guilin to Yangshou. This is one of the top 5 places to visit in China, and is situated in the northeastern Guangxi Province. The contrast between the serene river and awe-inspiring mountains will take your breath away.


The boat cruise is one of the top attractions both in the region and in China, though the flat landscape is great for bicycling. Many tourists choose to take a cruise down the river, and cycle back.


  1. The Yellow Mountains


The national park Huangshan, “Yellow Mountain”, is one of China´s most popular destination. The awe-inspiring mountain range in eastern China is famous for its oddly shaped granite peaks and amazing sunsets.


This spectacular mountain range may appear to float in the sky, as the peaks are often shrouded in mist. In ancient times almost 60,000 steps were carved into the granite, making a breath-taking walk through impressive scenery. Today however, tourists may take cable cars directly from the base to the summits.


  1. Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong


Situated between the skyscrapers of Hong Kong and the shoreline of Tsim Sha Tsu, Victoria Harbor is one of the deepest container port in the world. Hong Kong is a fusion of cultures and is one of the top 5 places in China to visit, and this harbor is certainly one of the top attractions.


Hundreds of boats and ferries cross the shoreline, making this one of the busies harbors in the world. Every night the skyscrapers light up in a synchronized show, making this the largest permanent light festival in the world.

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