Top 5 places to visit in Japan

If you are planning a trip to the awe-inspiring islands of Japan, let us inspire you with our list of top 5 places to visit. Japan is a country where tradition and modern are fused together in an exotic, adventurous spirit, unique to any other place in the world.

  1. Tokyo

Famous for shopping, this innovative city will dazzle its visitors with sci-fi-like, neon-lit streets and unique pop culture. The streets of the Harajuku area are renowned for showing of latest trends and newest fashions, and its peculiar style is famous world-wide.

Visitors in search for good food and vibrant nightlife have certainly come to the right place. Tokyo has more restaurants with Michelin stars than any other city in the world. If you are in the mood to party after a hearty meal, Shinjuku is a major nightlife district and is guaranteed to entertain.

  1. Mt Fuji

The striking Mt Fuji will leave you breathless –literally, as the air is quite thin at the top. The 3776 meter high mountain is famous for its picture-perfect, pyramid shape. The sight of the now dormant volcano has been awe-inspiring since ancient times, and appears in Japanese literature dating back all the way to the 8th century.

Those who wish to climb the mountain should be aware that the climb is harsh, the landscape barren and the path is over-crowded with trekkers during climbing seasons. Still, the World Heritage-listed mountain attracts thousands of climbers every year.

  1. Sapporo

The island Hokkaido boasts unique, gigantic snow sculptures and it is well-worth to come down here during the snow-festivals in February to witness them. Previous sculptures include Darth Vader and Taj Mahal. For more heart-racing snow activities, Niseko Ski Centre is located just outside Sapporo. Rumor has it that the world’s best powder snow can be found here.

Sapporo is a great starting point for those wanting to venture out into the wild and many hikers make this city their base. If you long for the great outdoors, with urban commodities nearby, a trip north to this island is a must.

  1. Okinawa beaches

The tropical climate of the Okinawa islands makes this a must-visit place for all who want to experience stunning beaches and delightful weather. The most postcard-perfect beach is Nishibama beach, boasting a 1 km stretch of white sand and crystal-clear water. The prefectural capital Naha was flattened during World War Two, but is now a thriving, lively town.

  1. Kyoto

If you are searching for serene temples, Kyoto is a must-visit place for you. This mystical city is home to over 1000 temples, gardens and shrines, and some truly striking religious architecture. The Golden Pavilion for example, is one of Kyoto most famous buildings. The temple’s main hall is covered in gold leaf, which shimmers in the reflecting pond.

Should you want fascinating day exploring somewhat different sights, a visit to the Gion district is recommended. This famous geisha district originates from tea houses, and was Kyoto’s largest pleasure district by the 18th century.

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