Top 5 places to visit in Middle East

When planning for your trip to the Middle East, let us inspire you with our top 5 places to visit.


  1. United Arab Emirates: Dubai


The intense, bustling city of Dubai is one of the top 5 places to visit in the Middle East, and is knows as their answer to Miami. The city is a popular destination for families, singles, friends or couples; Dubai has something for everyone.


The city is rich in cultural diversity, which is expressed through its art, music and fashion. Go to the beach one day, and immense yourself in art the next; you can experience this and all in between. Dubai is famous for its shopping possibilities, and offers something for every taste and budget.


  1. Israel: Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv is Israel’s second largest city, and one of the most inviting ones with its golden, sunny coastline and lively atmosphere. The Unesco-listed Bauhaus-era buildings are popular amongst tourists, and has given the city the nickname: “The White City”.


Tel Aviv has much to offer, from serene beaches one day to exploring the historic port of Jaffa the next, searching for intriguing, Arab heritage. The city is dotted with cafés and restaurants, and the chefs are daring with their cuisine as the residents do love food and coffee.


  1. Jerusalem


The world´s foremost pilgrimage destination, Jerusalem, is a must-visit place in the Middle East. The city is holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims, and the Old City is a living, cultural site to explore history.


Besides the Old City, Jerusalem draws visitors wanting to explore the Israel Museum or Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial. The historic allure of the city marks it as a must-visit place for all who wants to explore the past in spiritual surroundings.


  1. Jordan: The Dead Sea


The Dead Sea in Jordan is definitely on the top places to visit in the Middle East. The Dead Sea can be reached as a day trip from Amman or Madaba, though the best way to experience the the strikingly blue water with extreme salinity, is by staying at one of the luxury resorts. The high salinity in the water is intolerable for natural sea environment, though the salt and minerals have long been exploited for its skin-friendly properties.


  1. Lebanon: Beirut


In Beirut East meets West, and most travelers to Lebanon make this fast-paced city their base during their visit. The country is so small that most location can be reached and explored by day trips from Beirut, making this city on the top 5 places to visit in the Middle East.


The city is very friendly, but also very busy. Beirut is both crowded and chaotic, though hosts an impressive choice of pubs, restaurants, shops, museums and hotels, making it a must-visit place for most tourists. The fusion of city, sea and scenery gives the city an irresistible appeal. To escape city life, the natural offshore rock arches of Pigeon Rocks is the famous, natural site of Beirut, making you forget the concrete and pollution.

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