Top Malibu Rehab Centers

While in the grip of a serious alcohol, prescription or recreational drug abuse problem, you may feel like you are fighting the entire world on your own. Ironically, this is just about as far from the truth as you can be.


In the decades that have followed since the Betty Ford clinic was founded, chemical dependence treatment and other related issues have advanced tremendously. In the beginning, there was a lot of shame and secrecy surrounding substance dependency, but that has largely gone and there is a robust, scientifically-backed medical model in place.


Nowadays, substance abusers looking for top Malibu rehab centers to get a handle on their drinking problems, drug addiction or behavioral issues are spoiled for choice. Here is a rundown of the best places in Malibu for rehab.


Top Malibu Rehab Centers in rating order:


  1. Passages Malibu Celebrity Rehab


Founded in 2001 by a father and son team, Passages Malibu Celebrity Rehab offers you a unique approach.


Each client admitted at Passages Malibu gets assigned his or her 10-person team of doctors and therapists. The facilities offered at the center are spotless and the décor is stylish and extremely upmarket. A top-caliber chef prepares nutritious, delicious meals that are made to your specific requirements. While at the center, patients enjoy an unusual amount of freedom not common in the other rehab centers.


One thing that sets Passages Malibu apart from the other Malibu rehab centers is their unique non-12 step program. This is the alternative approach to the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous employed in many other centers. The program is centered on offering you intense one-on-one therapy. Patients receive many hours of intensive, one-on-one therapy during their stay. In addition, they also offer you a myriad of complementary holistic services. There are about 21 therapies that range from massage and acupressure, to acupuncture and yoga.


As Passages may well be the most luxurious rehab center in the world, it has come under fire – primarily for the amount of comforts it offers – but there is no doubting its commitment to its patients’ addiction recovery, and there is no evidence that Spartan surroundings helps in addiction treatment.



  1. Promises Malibu


For over 20 years, Promises Malibu has been offering a broad-based approach to addiction treatment in its treatment center. The conventional program followed at the center speaks volumes about generally accepted best practices in the addiction medicine field and treatment of drinking problems and drug addiction.


The facility primarily focuses on offering family-based therapy, with the help of former patients. Their concept is based on offering you the right tools towards a successful recovery by giving you a support system that includes both your current network and people who were once in the same position you are now. The center is proud of its exceptional support for the LGBT community and can bill insurance. Although there are no financing options available, the key to Promises Malibu’s success is their low client to staff ratio, meaning it can be difficult to get in.


  1. Creative Care Inc.


When it comes to Malibu, everything has to be done Malibu style. This includes addiction treatment with an extreme luxury option. Creative Care Inc. brings in its own unique features. Here, addiction treatment is done hand in hand with pampering – just like you would receive in a cruise ship. The center offers you a large staff of dedicated counselors helping you overcome your drug addiction or drinking problem in private rooms that offer you ocean views.


In essence, Creative care may seem very similar to Passages, since it also avoids the 12-step approach and tailors programs for its residents, however, it does have slightly fewer staff per patient.


  1. Canyon Treatment Center


The Canyon Treatment Center practically offers you a one-stop station for all issues you may run into while on the road to recovery from drug, drinking or any other addiction issues. It offers all levels of care needed from modern patient detox to outpatient support.


The facility offers you a personalized and individual addiction treatment approach. While here, you will get to benefit from a comprehensive group therapy, family and even a one-on-one therapy. The center handles residential addiction, drinking problems and drug addiction counseling.


Making up your mind


Getting the best head start on recovery is more important than any other factor, and although we have placed Passages Malibu in top spot as the best of the top Malibu rehab centers, you should still go and see for yourself.

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