Top 5 places to visit in United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a tourist favorite, and it is easy to understand why. Bustling cities, historic castles and serene countryside; there is something for everyone to enjoy. The UK is composed of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and you could spend a lifetime exploring the islands. However, if you only have one vacation to spare, be inspired by our list of top 5 places to visit in the United Kingdom.

  1. London

This fascinating city is one of the world’s most visited cities, and certainly on the top 5 places to visit in the UK. London is dotted with famous landmarks such as the Thames, the Big Ben and the Tower Bridge. The city is rich is history, and its museums and art galleries are free for all to enjoy. Should you tire of concrete and sightseeing, the city has more green areas and parks than any other in the world.

London is great for shopping and has something for every taste and budged. The Camden Market has hundreds of stalls and boutiques, and is a must-visit place for unique finds. London’s West End is filled with fantastic shopping streets, guaranteeing some great findings and unique shops. After a long day on your feet, why not finish off with a musical? London is well-known for its dazzling theatres and shows.

  1. Bath

Bath is truly one of the most beautiful cities in England. Soaked in history and graced with grand archeological architecture, this is a must-visit city in the UK. The city was founded on top of natural hot springs, and is home to well-preserved Roman bathhouses.

A visit to The Roman Bath is certainly a must for every tourist. Situated over three of Bath’s hot springs, the Roman constructed a complex of bathhouses. The Roman spa is surrounded by 18th and 19th century architecture, and holds a museum showing archeological findings from the site.

  1. Stonehenge

    The Stone Circle in Stonehenge may well be one of the most famous sites in the world. This archeological mystery has fascinated visitors, as no-one really knows how and why it was created. The site contains some of the most important findings from the Neolithic and Bronze Age.

Tourists may only enter the circle with a pre-booked ticket to a Stone Circle Access Visit, though you can still get up-close views when visiting alone.

  1. Scottish Highlands

The rugged Scottish Highlands is a must-visit place up north. Famous from Braveheart and strikingly beautiful, this vast land gives us a glimpse into the Scottish heart and soul. Dominated by mountains, it is ideal for trekking. If you want to go on a walk through living history, surrounded by nature’s beauty, this is one of the top places to visit in the UK.

Famous sights from the Scottish Highlands include Loch Ness and the Eilean Donan castle. The cold, dark water of Loch Ness stretch for 23 miles, and is renowned for its monster, Nessie. Unfortunately, the only monsters found are cardboard cuttings at nearby monster exhibitions, as the lake has been thoroughly searched and examined.

The fairytale-like Eilean Donan castle is sited by Loch Duich, and connects with the mainland with an elegant stone-bridge. The iconic castle frequently shows up on photographs from Scotland, and the film Highlander shot several scenes here.

  1. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a fascinating city in Scotland, with much to explore and experience. The World Heritage-listed Old Town begs to be explored with its narrow lanes, medieval street plan and buildings from the Reformation-area.

Edinburgh Castle is a must-visit place while in in the city.  Steeped in history, it has survived through the ages, and today it is a lively venue with events for all the family. It hosts the Military Tattoo, concerts and shows, all with the intention of enriching Scottish history and tradition.

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